Cora J Ramos, author

. . . writing through time 

Have you ever had a coincidence that led you to do something out of the ordinary? Perhaps a sense of déjà vu or a strong feeling you’ve been there, or done and said what you just did or said before?

My first novel, Dance the Dream Awake, emerged from a personal experience that occurred to me while in Mexico in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. While I traveled from Teotihuacan to Oaxaca’s el Tule tree, then into the Yucatan through Chichen Itza and on to the ruins of Coba, the magic came alive, and the story was born. This novel is a paranormal romantic suspense set in the Yucatan, Mexico.

I also write short stories, some of which have been gathered together for the anthology, Valley Fever Where Murder is Contagious, a mystery and suspense anthology set in the San Joaquin Valley of California. My short stories have an element of the dark or paranormal, with a twist.

Currently, Dance the Dream Awake is being re-published with Black Opal Books. Soon after that, a Sizzling Romance set in Heian Japan, 980AD called Haiku Dance, will also be published with Black Opal.

I am finishing up the 3rd book in the DANCE series, Dance the Edge. It is the Romance of my two main characters in book I, whose past life is the story in Haiku Dance. In this novel, they seek to have their love come to fruition, but there is Jack’s past that will challenge that. Can he overcome that to win Tessa?

I explore dual timelines; past lives and how they effect the present.

Magic and romance are bound to be part of my novels, because they make life fun, and suspense is the added spice to make the stories come alive.


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