Day 3: Countdown is 17 more days to publication for Haiku Dance.

“A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live.”

Lao Tzu

Shino is sent into a trap. His skills included heightened senses allow him to easily detect the plotters:

The faint light of a crescent moon lit Shino’s path as he moved through the darkness. A late, warm spring wind hid his movements as it whipped through the bamboo. The rustling leaves sounded like a thousand crickets vying to be heard. Hair slashed across his face. Pausing, he grasped the loose ends and re-fastened the band holding his top knot in place.

A quick image of Miyoshi in danger assaulted him. Heart racing, he closed his eyes, gathered his ki, and sent his energy out into the darkness. In an instant, he saw the challenge ahead.

Knives and blood. Then his ki slipped even farther forward in time. The smell of perfume and pine trees overpowered all other scents. As he realized that had never happened before, time snapped back to the present.


Shino's friend and brother samurai, Kenji, is there for him when that last ronin is about to kill him. Kenji is a samurai specializing in archery--a yabusama.

#Samurai #HistoricalThriller #RomanticSuspense

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